VIEW: Cradle - 1st Person RPG by Mojo Game Studios


Mojo's Water Cooled Gaming PC

This design produced a heat dissipating beast, that is as quiet as a stalker.   It stays cool, even when running intense graphics, and makes very little noise.  There is also lots of room for future upgrades, as needed,  to tackle advances in graphics that may require more resources. .  The Sabertooth motherboard can support 4 graphics cards and has 4 RAM slots.  There is room for 3 more drives as well.  The cooling system is very efficient, allowing us to keep using this PC far in the future.  

Because we have been so pleased with the performance of this system, we are buit our second company PC with the same design and components (a little less pink, see bottom of page).  Whether or not you use the same design, the principles discussed in this review (Best Way to Water Cool a PC) will be useful in building your own system, as we show you how to water cool a desk top PC.


Performance Stats

The CPU and GPU idled at 30 degrees Celsius* .  The GPU fan ran at 30% power.

While playing Crysis 3 (and using FRAPS) on medium graphic settings, the GPU and CPU temperatures went to 40 degrees and a frame rate of 60 fps was achieved.

While playing Crysis 3 on  ultra graphic settings (so beautiful), the GPU and CPU remained at 40 degrees, and a steady frame rate of 40 fps was seen, with spikes to 55-60 fps.  The GPU fan ran at 50% and CPU usage was 20-25%.  

* Baseline temperatures will vary, depending on the room air temperature, but appear to consistently increase by a constant 10 degrees when going from idle to sustained usage as above.