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Water Cooling Case

COOLER MASTER CM Storm Series Trooper Full Tower

  1. The large and versatile drive bay area provides plenty of room for a radiator, a large water reservoir, and multiple drives, making it ideal for our water cooling design.
  2. It has vents on both sides of the drive bays, so that cool air can be pulled in from one side of the case, and the hot air can be blown directly out of the other side.
  3. This allows the radiator to be mounted away from the main compartment, where the motherboard is.
  4. The water reservoir can be mounted near the top of the tower, which has major flow dynamic advantages (see  PC Water Cooling Principles and Concepts).
  5. The large, quiet fan in the top of the case, coupled with the air duct behind the motherboard and a water cooling system, resulted in a very cool system, even during intense graphics. 

This roomy case has excellent air flow potential and allowed us to build a well designed water cooling system that is quiet, cool and powerful, with room for expansion to handle our needs well into the future. (the motherboard has slots for multiple graphic cards and more Ram, and there is space for more drives). 

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