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PC Water Cooling Radiator

At the heart (more correctly, the skin) of any water cooling system is the radiator.  Water is a great heat sink (absorbs a lot of heat energy), but, eventually, it will get hot and loose the ability to cool the system (heat transfer is proportional to the temperature difference between the mediums).  A radiator with the ability to dissipate heat from the water is crucial for sustained performance.

We prefer the Phobya G-Changer 120 Ver. 1.2 Radiator for several reasons:

  1. The thickness allows for a large cooling surface area in a smaller width, allowing it to be installed in a smaller space and away from the mother board.  It also only requires 2 fans to get high air flow through this larger surface area.
  2. It is designed to reduce resistance to flow, increasing the volume of water that can circulated (per time).
  3. It has 4 entry ports for versatile installation and for multiple hoses (also decreases resistance).
  4. The heat exchangers are made of thinly painted copper, which has better heat transfer.

Don't be fooled by the compact size of this radiator.  When installed in this case, with a good air flow potential and high water flow, it kept our system very cool and never got hot (see Mojo Game Studios Water Cooled Gaming PC).